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3D Renderings Service

In a landscape immersion, Tandem Studio is telling future building lifestyle with premium 3D rendering images. Partner’s projects are showcased in stunning images full of life and athmosphere. 


Bringing architects vizion into client’s dream is more than showing volume plans and drafts. Tandem Studio mission is to tease a bright life experience in future buildings. 3D rendering images are helping builders and realtors to sell properties the quickest. For custom homes built on client’s request, Tandem Studio is a partner of choice to set client’s wishes in the most accurate way, making project alive before to build it. High fidelity previews are clutch to get client’s agreement, we are providing single preview images as well as immersive detailed feature story. 



Adding a garden to a propertie brings life experience to a contemplative level. There’s definitly something poetic about watching and taking care of a garden. Often, landscaping plans are  abstracts topics for clients, immersive images are precious tool to reveal landscaping project in the place clients are curently living. With a specific focus on plant selection, colors, and volume, Tandem Studio is a partner of choice to link landscaper architect vizion into clients life.