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Lime tree Ponds

Alexandre Vandiest Paysage & Nature - 2022

Lodges des tilleuls gets its name from the one hundred lime trees dispatched along the access road. This project is located in south Belgium. Three ponds of various sizes are surrounded by some canals regulating the water level. 

croquis implantation.jpg

 Around the ponds and over the canals, the goal is to build four private cabins to rent.


A common cabin and a pier where people could meet. To be efficient the project also needs a parking lot and a technical shed. The customer  wanted the place to stay wild and he chose my main partner “Alexandre Vandiest Landscaping Agency” to make the study case.

Alexandre gave me the huge opportunity to create the project from scratch, and he followed me step by step until the delivery to the customer. I did create the sketches, the draft, the masterplan, the modelization, the renderingsings, a video and a whole virtual tour.

The result is a charming green immersion inside the “Lodges des Tilleuls”.

The Cabins

The cabins are designed by adn_architectures, the dimensions fits to the walloon’s forest constructions licence. Inspired by nordic design the style is minimalist. The dark color of the charred wood sidings hides the cabins into the environment. Some are built above the water, others over the banks. All the rentals cabins are the same. The common cabin has the same size than the others but with huge windows on both sides to enjoy the pond and the orchard view. The terraces are surrounding this cabin and lead the  guests on a pier inspired terrace over the water. Inside, a functionnal kitchen is shared with all guests. Large tables give the opportunity for people to meet.

Private Cabin's Interior

In contrast with the outside dark wood, the interior’s walls, ceiling and floor are covered with birch multiplex panels. Each bespoke furniture is made with the same wood panels. The systematic use of this material gives a bright atmosphere. Through the thin black window frames, the cabins are like opened boxes facing the nature. A minimalist kitchen, a fire stove, and some nordic furnitures finishes the  timeless style of the interior design. 
The bathrooms are minimalistic as well. A shower, an enamel iron sink and a mirror are enough. The sanitary waters are collected into a tank under each cabin. Tanks are regulary pumped to take sanitary water away from the property.

Landscaping Project

The circular parking lot alternates car spots with wild grown plants.  The path between the parking lot and the common cabin is consolidated by reinforced turf. Other paths around the ponds are just mowed. This differentiated management leaves the smallest impact on this wild site  to the benefits of the wildlife. The canals must sometimes be crossed over some bridges. Some are simply built in wooden planks, some are monolythic rocks from the local quarry placed over the water. Those kind of rock boulders are also placed around the site instead of benches.

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