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WWI Cemetery Reflection

Alexandre Vandiest Paysage & Nature - 2023

In southern Belgium, Montplainchamp Cemetry is a WWI cemetry of French and German soldiers burried in a common site. As a duty of memory a mausolée was built in slate rocks in a humble and spontaneous way.

Decades later trees where planted for commercial purpose. Recent tree exploitation reveals the ancient mausolée ruins back to the light. 

Neufchâteau municipality leaded a project to bring the memory duty back in a landscaping project.

In a natural way, Alexandre Vandiest Landscaping agency left vegetation selfgrown and spread over the site, watching  vegeatal species and wildlife coming back. Plant selection of the landscaping project will be done among this neax in situ vegetatioion.

In this project, the environmental topics invite public to descover the site, its history and  tell WWI local ev envents to visitors.

Under Construction

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