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La Villa Tilleul

ADN Architectures  - 2022

Uccle hosts some of Brussel’s most beautiful properties, and I feel grateful that I got the opportunity to work on this “adn_architectures” project.

The exterior design is a bricks tale.

In Belgium, especially in Flanders, handmade bricks are a common material. Here, the house’s curves and screen walls bring this material to a masterpiece  of masonry.
Respecting the same height and surface of the previous house, the new construction is a two sides building connected by a luminous open kitchen. 
Each sides have their own round design but  different ceiling height.
To keep the bedroom’s privacy from the neighborhood’s view, the bedrooms are hidden behind brick screen wall instead of curtains. This idea provides a sweet lightning. In the stairs tower, the light is dimmed through some screen walls too.





Art Nouveau and Art Deco are a main part of Brussel’s inheritance. La Villa Tilleul dives into this history to bring back the curves and the colors of that era with a contemporary touch. Under a high ceiling, above the herringboned woodflooring, the living room is designed like a dancehall. 
I had recommendations from adn_architectures regarding the materials,  Concerning the choice of furnitures and decorations, I was free to interpret it by myself.  Typically I’ve selected items from inside danish brand Ferm Living, belgian designer Vincent Sheppard, french brand Fermob. The bathrooms are inside the right circular tower. As you can guess, walls are round in those spaces. Based on the .dwg plan  I designed round shaped furnitures and matched the materials with the moodboard. 
It was a real pleasure to work on this project and I’m proud to share those renderingss with you. Thank’s to adn_architectures.



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